Confirmed X-Marathon Sponsorship

PacKraft is proud to have had a relationship with the AR community over the last 2 years. With experience providing lightweight and durable packrafts for adventure races such as X-Marathon, and GODZone, the team at PacKraft have continued re-designing and refining their packraft range based on feedback from members of the AR community.

The newest version of the Duo ADV2 (2-person model) includes a range of improvements over previous models and designs.

The latest ‘Superlight’ material provides stronger and lighter packrafts.  This means you carry less weight, and the packraft also takes up less space due to the more flexible material, while providing a higher tear strength than ever before. 

The sharper raised bow and stern provide less resistance in flatwater, allowing increased speed and efficiency in the long stretches without sacrificing any stability in whitewater. 

The increased legroom in the cockpit compared with other double packrafts allows competitors more comfort on the longer stretches.

AR teams asked for higher seating for more efficient paddle strokes, so we updated the seat heights, and included a removable backband for the front paddler and a removable backrest for the rear paddler. 

We’ve repositioned the external attachment points to provide greater clearance for paddling, and added attachment points in the cockpit behind the front paddler seat as well.

A slightly raised floor aids in tracking, reducing resistance, and keep the paddler position a little higher.

packraft duo at godzone

We have updated the inflation options to include longer top-up tubes to add additional inflation pressure while on the go whenever needed, and these are easily reachable from the seat. 

The TIZIP internal storage option still remains, but we have added lightweight attachment points inside the tubes to secure drybags or gear to so they stay securely in place and keep weight distribution even.

We’re confident that the Duo ADV2 provides the best value for all-round performance, quality and price.

Custom colour options specifically for AR teams can be organised at no extra charge, and a 10% discount for all X-Marathon competitors, staff and volunteers is offered.

Our newest accessory offerings include lightweight handheld rechargeable pumps weighing only 160 grams, which can be used to inflate the packrafts numerous times throughout extended multi-day races. No more hand or foot pumps or slow inflation bags needed.

Lightweight bow bags for easy access to gear and snacks, as well as the latest military-grade instant and permanent repair patch kits to cut down on time-wasting if a repair is needed in the field. 

Through supporting fantastic events like X-Marathon, and engaging with the AR community, PacKraft is looking forward to continuing to offer high quality, lightweight and durable packrafts, and outstanding local Australian service and support.

packraft duo top view2

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