X-Marathon 2021- Nargun and the lakes edition

Teams of four, experienced and beginners alike are invited to explore the rich cultural history of East Gippsland while challenging themselves in the true expedition, X-Marathon adventure race. 3-5 September, Paynesville.

Two epic courses (Full and Half) have been designed to accommodate all levels of adventurers. Both courses have 36 hours cut-off times with the Full course the more technical, being more physically and navigationally demanding. The winners are expected to finish within 24 hours.

Teams will navigate through challenging terrain between checkpoints using only maps supplied by race organisers and compass. You won’t be totally on your own as spectators will be able to follow each team on-line via a live tracking system that will showcase all teams’ progress during the event.

The race weekend will start at registration and competency checks on Friday with the race briefing scheduled for 7 PM where you will receive course maps with pre-marked checkpoints, last-minute instructions, and get answers to any questions. The pre-packed gear that teams will access in transition areas during the race will need to be dropped for transportation soon after. The course scheme (matrix) will be available 2 weeks prior to the race and while the exact course is kept secret till the maps are distributed the rough timing of each leg and logistics scheme will allow you thoughtfully pre-pack your race gear in the comfort of your home.

Early Saturday morning you will be taken to the start of the race by bus from the race HQ. A scenic and tough linear course will start deep into the wilderness and will gradually take you back to the finish line in the Great Lakes. You will be exploring many of East Gippsland's significant and spectacular must-see gems where checkpoints most likely will be placed. The teams’ gear will be transported between transition areas by race organisers with help of volunteers and the double kayaks will be supplied as a part of the entry. Full course teams will need to provide their packrafting gear which they will be using for a thrilling downriver section on probably the best unregulated Victorian moving water.

Off-road trekking, challenging mountain biking and spectacular kayaking sections are the main activities of the race. All members of each team will have to work hard and help each other along the way in order to get the glory at the finish line, but it’s the journey that’s most important. Get ready to tell epic tales of suffering and stories of triumph and make bonds with your teammates that will not be forgotten. .

Write your own story of your voyage through the East Gippsland wilderness.

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