what is an adventure race



The challenge, the exploration and the discovery


Adventure racing, although it is referred to as ‘racing’, it is not only a competition, in fact, it is more about the adventure part of the challenge.  The exploration and discovery of dramatic landscapes and hidden gems, battling against nature and the challenges the course provides, rather than the race itself. 

You and your team will explore and discover ‘off the beaten path’ routes and places that are often impossible to visit on your own. The course combines trekking, mountain biking and paddling legs, with determined checkpoints (specific points given on the map) and transition areas (points of changeover of disciplines). 

Only non-motorised means of travel are allowed, and teams choose their way between checkpoints. Navigation is an essential part of the race, teams are provided with a map with checkpoints, and they need to find their way to them using only a compass (no GPS is allowed). 

After visiting all checkpoints, the first team across the finish line is the race's winner.  


Human beings are hardwired to explore 


The need to grow and the curiosity to know drive people to explore.

At all times, human beings are constantly driven to explore. While the Age of Discovery is over, human nature remains the same. We need to go out and discover new places; we need to be connected to nature. Exploring gives us joy, and we must explore both the internal and external worlds. People must explore to improve their quality of life. 

This is how adventure racing was born - in response to the desire for discovery.




Adventure racing is a team event. Participants race in teams of four or two, with Mixed teams (at least one team member must be of the opposite gender) being the primary category. All Female and Male teams race in additional categories as well. 

You will find you help each other (within your own and other teams), finishing hand to hand. This is the true sense of expedition adventure racing - to defeat rugged terrain and your weaker self, which may be whispering to you in the middle of the night, ‘give up, you are too tired; you have done enough already’.

Only a team who completes the course with all four members together is ranked. If one team member drops out, the whole team is out. 

Teamwork skills are critical, and mutual respect and effective communication are essential to success. 


Strategy is a vital part of adventure racing.


The course is determined by control points (CPs), provided on the map. Therefore, fitness, navigation, and tactical abilities are critical for a successful finish.  

Generally, all teams must stay together for the entire course and visit all checkpoints in the designated order. Some sections of the course could be in rogaining format. It means that the control points can be visited in any order, and some could be skipped. 

The details of thecourse and race start details are kept secret until the registration and briefing. 

Approximate distances and timing for each discipline are provided beforehand to help with packing food and gear, and you should ensure you have everything ready before race weekend.   

The race clock never stops, so your team must decide where to stop to get some rest, how much food to carry and where to sleep. 


The race logistics are complicated, as in all adventure races, but the race organisers take that burden off your shoulders. 


You and your team will have to be self-sufficient for the duration of the course, with only access to additional gear provided in the Transition areas, where organisers will bring your pre-packed gearboxes. Gearboxes will have to be packed by teams and delivered to the designated location, usually before starting. 

Race organisers prepare your routes and, together with a team of friendly volunteers, will transport your gear around the course. 

Usually, the course is well-balanced with different disciplines to keep you on your toes, with many scenic spots, challenging terrain and opportunities to enjoy the best spots a race area has to offer. 

Kayaking equipment is supplied.  All that is needed to take part in this epic adventure is to get your team together, book your entry, prepare your bikes and other gear, arrange accommodation and come to discover the scenic landscapes. 


Reaching a finish line together with your team is an incredible achievement.


Each adventure race is like a life, with its highs and lows. You will be exhausted and think you cannot go any further during the race, but you will always find another level within yourself and discover the many layers of strength and tenacity you have. Getting through all the challenges with your team will give you an incredible sense of satisfaction and self-pride, regardless of whether you come first or last. Each team that reaches the finish line is a winner. 


X-Marathon is one of Australia’s toughest Australia's Adventure Races, and it is gratifying to finish the race.


The X-Marathon is a classic adventure race organised by highly experienced race directors with a lot of international racing and event management experience. You can expect the highest standard of courses and organisation. A true sense of adventure is guaranteed. 

Multiple people thoroughly check the course to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the race. 

X-Marathon is set in the scenic and wild area of East Gippsland. Ninety-mile beach, Gippsland lakes, The Lakes Park, Lake Tyres State Park, rivers and single tracks, the list goes on and on. East Gippsland is an adventure racing paradise.

During the race, teams will be taken to the most picturesque locations, an express tour including all the best highlights. Once the race is over, it is a time to celebrate a victory over the odds, share stories with other teams and start planning your next adventure.

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