Tiger adventure cubs

tiger cubs

Tiger Adventure Cubs… was born, on a getting a purrrfect team together from our local running group (Caroline Springs Running Club), and Tiger Adventures. (Mama cub) managed to “con” some girls in for an adventure of a lifetime! We are aiming to finish the race together, have fun, pushing ourselves to the limit whilst experiencing the highs and lows of purrrre adventure racing (new to the whole team except myself) and finish still being friends and to grow within ourselves. I'm hoping they do more adventures races with, or without me in the future and don't kill me before the end of X-marathon :-)

Cub Kellie - 43yrs, works as a Clinical and Sales Specialists for a vascular device company. I have 3 children and love to stay fit and active by challenging myself with endurance racing. My favourite leg would have to be the bike! I think I am looking forward to the paddling leg! But not sure about what to expect!!!!
Racing experience – 2 x full ironman, 6 x 70.3 ironman, 1 x marathon, 6 x half marathons.

Cub Liz – 32yrs, works as a Conservation Coordinator. I do lots of equestrian, and play basketball and netball, but in the most recent years it's all about triathlons… My favourite discipline is the yak! I would say I'm looking forward to navigating and being allowed to stay up all night!!
Racing experience – 1 x ironman, 3 x 70.3 ironman’s.

Cub Kathryn - 'At 35 years of age I have zero Adventure Race experience with this race being my first one. Prior to 2015 my favourite, and only, sport was running, with a few local triathlons thrown in around 2012. In 2015 l discovered cycling, MTB'ing, kayaking, rogaining and hiking and a door to the adventure racing world was opened! I have completed one Duathlon and one 12hr rogaine. I am looking forward to every second I am out on that course with my friends, the Cubs.'

Mamma Cub Darlene – 43yrs, I'm married and work as an Area Manager for a Lawncare company.
Racing experience – Mmmmm all sorts.... Jack of all trades master of none. Lol ;-)

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