X-Marathon'17 race update 3.5 months to go

X-Marathon'17 update 3.5 months to go

XMarathon 2017THE RACE HQ

The 2017 edition HQ is a coastal village Metung located 3 hours drive from Melbourne, 5 hours from Canberra and 8 hours from Sydney. The closest international airport is Melbourne Tullamarine. Metung is located on a narrow peninsula of land separating Bandroft Bay and Lake King. Situated in East Gippsland and ideally place with the surrounding protected waters of the Gippsland lakes. 

For accommodation visit http://www.metungtourism.com.au/accommodation


The race registration followed by briefing starts from 6 PM on Friday, however, if you have not done 2016 edition you need to pass competency tests at 4 PM. At the registration you will receive all maps and course details. One week before the race logistics scheme will be published so you will be able comfortably prepare your gear and food prior the arrival. All your boxes/bike boxes/other equipment boxes will need to be packed and handed over Fri night 22:00. The bus to the start leaves at 5.00 AM. The race start is at 7:30 AM Saturday. The finish is closed 8:00 AM Monday, presentation is 9:00 AM. 



The race does not require any support crew and is open for teams of four: premier mixed, male and female categories. Kayaking equipment is supplied, however, you need to supply your own packrafts - see course details below. All logistics, gear and bikes transportation and shuttle to the start is provided by race organisers. Online tracking on actual map received by the teams is X-Marathon standard - check out last year’s race replay online.


The race course is linear with almost no loop legs. To make this achievable, logistics planner will be released a week prior to the race start, so you can plan and pack all your food/equipment. However, exact course details will be released Friday night. Some important information to be taken into account: 

1) One of the legs of the race is a downriver kayak with rapids up to grade 3. It is a beautiful gorge literally untouched by humans, considered as Victoria’s one of the best day-long kayak trips. We strongly recommend to ramp up your white water skills, plenty of arrangements available including our own favourite Victorian coach Jarad Kohlar from PeakAdventure

2) In addition to kayaking you it is a packrafting leg . Yes, don’t pack away your packrafts too far after the XPD, get them ready for another adventure. If you had not heard about packrafting, check AJ team report about XPD Worldchamps’16 race. Recommended packraft is Alpacka Raft (Alpacka Raft LLC), they are made in US and are quite expensive, however, it is amazing experience to have fully functional 2 person watercraft weighting 4kg packed all up in your 30L backpack with some space left for other goodies. Other much cheaper options available, they just not as robust and light but still would do the job.

3) Get ready with your navigation, the best is to have at least two navigators. Each team will receive two full sets of maps as it is X-Marathon standard for all 5 previous editions. The course might also suggest dividing a team into two groups, which makes having two navigators even more worthwhile.

Distance wise, the course is just over 200km and based on all classic disciplines: kayaking, trekking, mountain biking and packrafting. 

Have a great Christmas and we are looking forward to see you at Metung next year.

X-Marathon'16 Dynamite Adventure team charging on trekking leg